The Company

Beechwood was created in 2004 by me, Malcolm Roberts, having gained 10 years experience of the accident industry as a director of 1st AutoMotive Ltd, a pioneer of credit hire, who went on to disprove the theory that lightening never strikes twice, as two of our cases were selected for landmark judgements. Firstly in 1992 we were involved, as the hirers, in the matter of Devlin v Baslingden concerning the issue of champerty, which was happily resolved in our favour by the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords. Our second trip to the House of Lords, via the Court of Appeal, in the more famous judgement of Dimond v Lovell, was somewhat less satisfactory.

However the lesson learned from those experiences, and from attending lesser courts as a company witness, was of the vital importance of scrupulous attention to detail at every stage of the claims process. It is this attention to detail that is the guiding principle of the service Beechwood offers.

From day one we set ourselves a high ethical standard in the way we operate. Our ultimate aim is to gain the trust of all those who deal with us and be capable of, if necessary, surviving the level of scrutiny that can be applied at the highest legal level.

Routinely we deal with three distinct groups of people, namely the claimants themselves, the solicitors who refer those claimants to us, and our agents who attend the claimants on their behalf. We recognise that each of these three groups have differing requirements and priorities. By treating each fairly and respectfully, we hope that everyone who deals with us will be satisfied with the experience, knowing that good reputations take years to build and minutes to lose.

Our Agents

We have agents based from Penzance to Keiss, giving us the ability to carry out instructions from Lands End to John O'Groats, and Londonderry to Dover. Agents are either retired Police Officers, or have undergone formal training in personal injury investigation, or both.

Without exception they are mature, reliable people who can be depended upon to perform to precise standards, and use initiative where necessary.